• Aqua Stream

    "Hydration & Health at Max"

    "Life walks healthier with sports and extreme hydration of Aqua Stream."
  • Aqua Stream

    "Hydration & Health at Max"

    "Healthy water can change your life sentiments. Try it with Aqua Stream."

  • Aqua Stream

    "Hydration & Health at Max"

    AquaStream"is focued on the healthy life step of future generation"
  • Aqua Stream

    "Hydration & Health at Max"

    "The life walk healthy sports and extreme hydration of AquaStream"

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of people of Pakistan by providing fresh oxygenated mineral water at to door step so that each & every family have the choice to avail it.

Vision Statement

“Feel the Purity” Recognized leading project with passionate & motivated work force. Making the nudes from new born bodies to old age.

Core Values

Quality & purity with consistency 24/7 Courteous

Aqua Stream Water Basic Water Composition

Potassium 2.5 mg/L

To purify water 2.5mg potassium is needed for every litter.

Fluoride 0.5 mg/L

0.5mg fluoride is needed to purify 1 litter of  water.

Chloride 350a mg/L

To purify water give 35oa mg chlorine for every litter of water…

Magnesium 14.5 mg/L

14.5mg of magnesium will be required to purify every litter…

Our Products

0.5 Liter
1.5 Liter
6 Liter
12 Liter
19 Liter
  • Quality drinking water
  • Respect for our environment
  • Courteous  customer service
  • A positive difference to the community we serve

Aquastream has well equipped laboratory at the premises. Water is frequently tested at different stages & every step to ensure consistent high standards of Quality.

pH stands for Potential Hydrogen. Excellent pH standard ratio is 6 – 9 if below 6 then its soft water & above 8.5 then its hard water.

AQUASTREAM Blend standard quality TDS ratio. It included salts & small amount of organic matters i.e. Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Hydrogen Carbonate, Chloride, Sulfate & Nitrate.

  1. Excellent TDS Ratio is > 160 & < 350 mg/Ltr
  2. Good TDS Ratio is > 150 & < 600 mg/Ltr
  3. Fair TDS Ratio is > 600 & < 900 mg/Ltr
  4. Poor TDS Ratio is > 900 & < 1200 mg/Ltr
  5. Unacceptable Ratio > 1200 mg/Ltr

AQUASTREAM  knows very well that calcium is very much important for human health. Over 99% of total body calcium is found in bones & teeth. Therefore most useful function of calcium is to protect human body from kidney stones also reduces hypertension (blood pressure)

AQUASTREAM  is always looking for quality. By quality ratio of magnesium it’s very much feasible for pregnant ladies because it prevents them from eclampsia. And also helpful for diabetic patients & decrease the ratio of heart attacks.

Sodium Bicarbonate plays major role in our body, helps to increase ratio of digestion. Also helps buffer lactic acid and reduces acidity of dietary components, also effect on dental cavities. At last beneficial for sportsmen, daily exercisers, field workers, office workers

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