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“There are now more reasons than ever to choose for your home or office quality hydration with traditional taste. Aquastreamwater delivers the quality refreshing mineral water to homes and offices! Aquastreamwater is the local taste developing Pakistani mineral water Company producing  Mineral Water  with Refreshing and Traditional taste.

As providing quality water products and excellent services to valued customers is our priority, Aquastreamwater is committed to excellence throughout every step of its production process, logistical process and customer services established since 2012. Aquastreamwater originally commenced operations from Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


We Care About You

Fully automatic micro-processor controlled fillers with no-touch technique are used for washing, drying, filling and capping and sealing of bottles with a conveyor belt system
  • Chlorination
  • Pre-filtration with sand
  • Pre-filtration with activated carbon filters
  • Micro-filtration through .5-.1 micron filters
  • Micro processor based Reverse Osmosis
  • Injection of high pressure oxygen in water
  • Injection of Ozone gas for de-contamination
  • Ultraviolet light dis-infection
Bottles are delivered at your doorstep through pool of delivery vans. Currently these operations are taking place for Islamabad and Rawalpindi only. For  delivery, call now at 0336-1115444, 0302-1115444
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